Milwaukee’s Top Burgers

Milwaukee is a meat and potatoes town, with burgers and french fries being perhaps the most popular variation on that theme. No matter what kind of burger you like—smashed, buttered, pub-style, grilled—there are all kinds to choose from. Here are some of my favorite burger picks around MKE.

The quirkiest place on this list, Nite Owl is only open during the summer, and closes each day when they run out of burgers. That usually happens around 6pm, though it can be earlier or later depending on how busy they are. Though the sign says “drive in,” there is a small dining room with walls plastered in old newspaper clippings and memorabilia. The beef patties are hand-packed and dwarf the bun they come on, so don’t make the mistake of ordering a double or the beef-to-bun ratio will be out of whack. Double slices of American cheese, fried onions and pickles are all you need on these burgers, with maybe a Superman shake to wash it down.

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